Star of the Week

    Each year we highlight a student of the week. Each student will get a chance to display information about themselves on our bulletin board. Students can bring some pictures from home or a few favorite items. A "Learn About Me" poster will be sent home to fill out. Be as creative as you wish. Other possible categories include:

My family

My favorite color

My hobbies

My pets

My favorite movie

My favorite food

My favorite toy

My favorite place

My favorite book

Please have their responses and pictures to me the week before their date. Students will help decorate their board. During their week, they will give a mini-presentation of their display.



9: Lynora

2: Decker

16: Michael

9: Serenity

23: AJ Jr.

16: Elias



1: Archer

7: Luca
21: Parker

28: Drake



4: AJ

 11: Sullivyn

28: Harlan